Welcome to my world.  Whether it be growing & preparing clean food, harvesting wild plants or preparing specialized medicines that are life-enhancing like a nourishing meal, it is my joy to cultivate life in its many forms.

Geo’s Joy is the clinical practice,  organic garden and herbal apothecary  of Georganne “Geo” Derick, Msc, RH(AHG).  Geo’s Joy provides clinical, phone and Skype consultations for people to address a multitude of health issues, guidance on appropriate dosages of herbs, drug-herb interactions, and offers customized herbal formulas for optimal therapeutic  support.  Suggestions and protocols are made after considering your health history, your current medicine and supplement regimen, and are tailored to account for your budget and convenience  issues.  Making your medicines pleasant and good tasting are always preferred.  Geo’s joy is cultivating  life, both in the garden and with people and our pets.